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From the fine silver- and goldwork of Dahomey and the Asante court to the virtuoso wood carving of the Chokwe chiefdoms, these treasures are a vivid testimony of this turbulent period in African history. Bortolot, Alexander Ives. Hogendorn, Jan, and Marion Johnson.

The Shell Money of the Slave Trade. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, Klein, Herbert S.

The Atlantic Slave Trade. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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See works of art. Works of Art 4. Essay From the seventeenth century on, slaves became the focus of trade between Europe and Africa. Citation Bortolot, Alexander Ives. Chronology Arabian Peninsula, — A. Central Africa, — A. Central America and the Caribbean, — A. White sympathizers who did not agree with slavery assisted black slaves in their efforts to escape from their masters.

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The Underground Railroad played an important part in some slaves becoming free. Slavery did tremendous damage to race relations in most cultures. The slavery that took place in the United States caused a racial divide between white people and African Americans that remains a problem in the present day.

Many African Americans continue to hold a great deal of resentment towards white people because of the torture of their ancestors, who were slaves, suffered. The concept of slavery is something that has done irreversible damage to race relations between many cultures. With the Emancipation Proclamation, slaves may have gained their freedom, but it did not erase the racial tensions between white people and people of color.

The decades following the freeing of the slaves continue to see a large divide between the races.

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The establishment of slavery did extensive damage while the practice was common. It established divides in society and gave some white people the misconception that the white race is the superior race. Despite over years since the legal end of slavery, other people have created other forms of slavery. In the present day, the modern form of slavery comes in the form of human trafficking.

history essay on slavery History essay on slavery
history essay on slavery History essay on slavery
history essay on slavery History essay on slavery
history essay on slavery History essay on slavery
history essay on slavery History essay on slavery

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