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As a general note, you want all of your outlines done a few weeks before finals, and if you update them weekly, you can get there. Doing this will also help you create an attack or checklist outline.

These types of tests can be dangerous. Sure, looking something up can be helpful, but it can also be a time suck! Anything out in the universe is just a bonus. WOW… I liked this exam type.


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I felt like I did well because of the time given and my level of preparation. Oddly because I had so much information available, I seemed to have reviewed everything more carefully while preparing for the exam. During the exam, I actually had time to look at my full outline and confirm questions or ambiguities in my notes with the textbook.

It was a luxury, that 2Ls seem to know well and then I realized… if I feel this way, so must everyone else…. My tips for taking this type of exam? Think of all of the resources you have like one big very comprehensive outline and figure out the best way for you to use them to create the most well-developed answer properly.

Writing Essay Exams to Succeed in Law School (Not Just to Survive)

Plus practice using everything together. In the first sentence of your response, answer the question asked in plain language. Write the body of your essay. Write concisely, using short paragraphs. Each issue that you have identified in your outline should have its own paragraph, with one sentence stating the Issue, Rule and Conclusion.

While you may need to write several sentences in the Analysis section for each paragraph, avoid lengthy discussions unless required by the question. Salvatore Jackson began writing professionally in He has experience with international travel, computers, sports and law. Jackson is a licensed attorney with experience in legal research. He received his Juris Doctor from Tulane University in College Life.

College Admissions. Planning for College. Discussing counterarguments does not relieve a student of her obligation to resolve the competing arguments where the call of the question asks for a bottom line and explain why one set is stronger than the other. See Suggestion One above.

Writing Essay Exams To Succeed In Law School (Not Just To Survive), Third Edition / Edition 3

This means using paragraphs that are each limited to one thought, writing topic sentences that explain what the thrust of each paragraph is, employing transitional phrases, and sequencing points to make clear the relationship between what is being discussed at present and what came before or will come later in a response, and so on.

Many exams I have read make use of three- and four-page paragraphs that collapse six or seven ideas or points into one dense mix.

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It always pays to consider time and space at the start of an exam, rather than try to figure these things out when you are in the midst of answering each question substantively. So spending only 30 minutes on a question for which the professor indicated a suggested time allotment of, say, an hour is a dangerous strategy. But more difficult, and less obvious, is the knack of allocating time wisely within each question. So how, then, should you divide your time and words?

As a general rule of thumb, students should allocate their resources in discussing issues on an exam in the same way they think someone looking at these questions in the real world would devote their comprehension resources. Suppose one issue, which was either explicitly mentioned in the question, or plainly important to include in a complete answer, has an easy, wrinkle-free, resolution. Discuss that issue quickly, and move on, especially if another issue has a lot more difficult twists and turns that need to be explored and explained before a resolution can be reached and justified.

This suggestion follows on the heels of the last one.

Readers i. I hope that these suggestions that I have offered will increase the chances that you and your professors will feel that your exam answers accurately reflect the entirety of your hard-earned knowledge and analytic skills, not just some fraction of that sum. Posted in: Education.

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