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Money and coercion were used as the tools to tar the electoral process. Money works wonders because initially when Ms Jinnah was reluctant to take on Ayub, it was the very Bhashani — the Red Mullah of Bengal — who had prevailed upon her to contest by promising complete support of his party. Large sums of money were also required to purchase the political conscience of the 80, Basic Democrats which constituted the electoral college to elect the president. These two letters raised a sum of fifteen million.

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As if all this arm-twisting was not enough, the press was also pressurized to manufacture a favourable public opinion of Ayub. Ayub did not want to leave anything to chance so he fixed a price ranging from Rs to to buy the votes of each of the Basic Democrats BD members. The very PNA leaders, who termed the elections for the National Assembly as fraud and resultantly boycotted the provincial elections, had actually reached an understanding with Bhutto prior to the elections whereby the latter had guaranteed the victory of all the top PNA leaders in the elections.

Such allegations and counter-allegations aside, the malpractices were so flagrant that even the Chief Election Commissioner at that time is on the record to have made an admission in this regard which was published in a Gujarati language newspaper before the strong arm of censor could come in action.

The trend of irregularities and malpractices in the elections became an acceptable norm in the s and s.

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We have seen that elections are likely to be unfair if organized by the incumbent government. So, a need was felt to hold elections under a caretaker government. Even this did not turn out to be a satisfying experience.

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  • An experienced politician, who had till then contested almost all elections in Pakistan, telegraphed a pithy couplet to the Election Commission to register his protest over the widespread irregularities in the October elections. This couplet may have been lying somewhere in the archives of the Election Commission. It aptly sums up the tarnished electoral politics in our society:. The writer is an academic and journalist.

    Only by changing the present poltical and voting system the free and fair election is possible in Pakistan. A ruling elite class of tribal chief feudal family, industrial Barons and Generals,Judges consider themself Nobelers having the rights to rule over commoners. In November Khan was briefly imprisoned during a crackdown against critics of Musharraf, who had declared a state of emergency. Just days before legislative elections in May , Khan injured his head and back when he fell from a platform at a campaign rally.

    Entry into politics

    He appeared on television from his hospital bed hours later to make a final appeal to voters. Khan accused the PML-N of rigging the elections. After his calls for an investigation went unmet, he and other opposition leaders led four months of protests in late in order to pressure Sharif to step down. The protests failed to oust Sharif, but suspicions of corruption were amplified when the Panama Papers linked his family to offshore holdings.

    India Election 12222: A Simple Guide to the World’s Largest Vote

    Khan organized a new set of protests in late but called them off at the last minute after the Supreme Court agreed to open an investigation. The investigation disqualified Sharif from holding public office in , and he was forced to resign from office. Khan, meanwhile, was also revealed to have had offshore holdings but, in a separate case, was not disqualified by the Supreme Court. Elections were held the following year, in July Khan ran on a platform of fighting corruption and poverty, even as he had to fight off accusations that he was too cozy with the military establishment.

    Tehreek-e-Insaf won a plurality of seats in the National Assembly, allowing Khan to seek a coalition with independent members of the parliament.

    2018 Pakistani general election

    He became prime minister on August As prime minister, Khan faced a mounting balance-of-payments crisis. Though the economy was experiencing growth, imports and debt commitments had skyrocketed in recent years, especially because of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor CPEC initiative. After he was unable to secure foreign aid on favourable conditions from other countries, however, Pakistan submitted a request for emergency lending from the IMF. He continued to seek foreign aid from other sources and later received promises of investments from China , Saudi Arabia , and the United Arab Emirates.

    The country successfully brought the Taliban to negotiations with the United States, improving relations with the country and with neighbouring Afghanistan. In February , in a show of force against militants in Kashmir , who had recently staged a suicide attack killing 40 Indian security personnel, India launched an air assault in Pakistan for the first time in five decades, raising fears of a new conflict between the two countries. Pakistan downplayed the impact and appeared to avoid escalating the situation.

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    After the incident, Khan implemented a crackdown on militants, issuing arrests, closing a large number of religious schools, and promising to update existing laws to reflect international standards. You are using an outdated browser. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience and security. Imran Khan. Article Media.

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    election in pakistan essay Election in pakistan essay
    election in pakistan essay Election in pakistan essay
    election in pakistan essay Election in pakistan essay
    election in pakistan essay Election in pakistan essay
    election in pakistan essay Election in pakistan essay

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