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The conclusion that sums up the thesis and supporting paragraphs and also contains a new insight will be found in paragraph five. Note: the conclusion should NOT repeat the introduction. The following blog also gives excellent directions for writing a thesis statement:. Homonyms and other confusing words. Ad -- an appeal to purchase a product. Add -- to find the sum of numbers; to join something to an already existing set.

Addition — to put in, insert or include something more Ex: In addition to serving rice and bean tacos, grandma served cake. A lot — much -- and note this usage includes two words. Ex: Do you have a lot of homework tonight? Allot — to give a portion to; to ration Ex: The family will allot how much money should be spent on necessities before they decide how much they can spend on their vacation. Ex: To be or not to be. Too — means also Ex: You have too much catsup on those fries. Their — possessive third person.

Ex: The books are theirs.

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There — indicates a location. Ex: The book is there, on the table.

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Ex: They are going to lunch. Where: indicates a location. Ex: Where are my keys? Were: a verb Ex. You were my friend before and you still are. Hear: a verb that is used with the aural sense. Ex: I hear you calling me. Here: indicates a location. Ex: He left his coat, right here on the couch.

Right: correct; a direction. You have the right to turn right after stopping at the red light if no one is coming. Rite: a ritual Ex. Driving, attending the prom and attending college are all rites of passage on the way to adulthood. Author's biographies often relate thatwriters live their work. This aspect of Hawthorne becomes clear particularly when comparing the two children's tales to hisdiary.

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Julian, Hawthorne 's son, wasfour-years-old when A Wonderbook forGirls and Boys was published, and he was six when Tanglewood Tales reached print. In between, when he was five, Hawthorne wrote in hisdiary of his twenty days alone with his son while his wife Sophia visited hermother, taking along their older daughter Una and the baby, Rose. Within thenotebooks, Hawthorne frequently wrote of Julian battling with a wooden club and how he "began againthe old warfare with the thistles — which we called hydras, chimaeras, dragons,and Gorgons.

Thus we fought our way homeward" Auster The diarydescribes the real Hawthorne and his interaction with his son, and it helps the reader understand thewriter, his works and his treatment of children within his stories. Perhapsbecause both Hawthornes married late in life,they were more indulgent parents, but Sophia did not believe in spanking, and Hawthorne allowed hiswife control of the children Auster xxx.

This acquiescence to his wifeportrays a different picture than the stereotypical one of the period where thefather exercised stern control.

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Still, Hawthorne does not submit to using corporal punishment because Julian does not purposelyaggravate his father. Hawthorne wrote:. Thediscipline of the family, in those days, was of a far more rigid kind than now. The frown, the harsh rebuke, the frequent application of the rod, enjoined byScriptural authority, were used, not merely in the way of punishment for actualoffenses, but as a wholesome regimen for the growth and promotion of childishvirtues. Hester Prynne, nevertheless, the lonely mother of this one child, ranlittle risk of erring on the side of undue severity.

Mindful, however, of herown errors and misfortunes, she early sought to impose a tender, but strictcontrol over the infant immortality that was committed to her charge. Hawthorne recognized that children oftenbehaved inappropriately, but he viewed their misbehavior as non-deliberate. Hebelieved the child only needed a bit of reasoning in order to understand theimpropriety.

Physical abusefrom his child still did not induce Hawthorne to spank Julian. He remonstrated, in a sharp, quick, high voice,sounding like the chattering of an angry squirrel; but when I reasoned withhim, and pointed out the impropriety of my carrying two burthens, while he hadnone, he yielded at once; and refused to let me take the butter when I thoughthe had carried it far enough.

Auster Hawthorne wrote of children who were farmore abusive than Julian. He understood that not all children exhibit naturalsweetness; some children seem to intentionally hurt others, but they reflectthe behavior of the adults in charge of them. Theybehave unkindly because the adults do not restrain them and because they do notunderstand the consequences of their actions. At times, Pearl acts heartlessly too.

At other times, Pearl treats Hester unkindly. She makes herself a letter A from the forest greens anddrapes it on her bosom.

THE HOUSE OF THE SEVEN GABLES: Nathaniel Hawthorne - FULL AudioBook: Part 2/2

Not realizing the symbolism of the letter, Pearl merely tries to be like her mother. Sheacts like the village children, with cruel, unrestrained ignorance.

Allegory in The House of the Seven Gables by Nathaniel Hawthorne - Page 2

This is a heartless reaction to the minister who always kindlypatted their heads and now means no harm by wearing the veil. Still, theminister understands that his appearance scares the youth. The children merely put into action the words they hear the adultsspeak. If the adults feel uneasy, so do thechildren. The adults talk about the minister amongst themselves, and thechildren talk about him with their peers.

Besidesinflicting cruelty, some young people demonstrate imperviousness to death.

"The Scarlet Letter" - Thesis on the theme of Sin and Guilt.

Hawthorne recognizes thisattribute in Julian when Bunny dies. The entrance is so overgrown that at noon the day appearsas twilight, and as the day progresses, the children lie in complete darkness. When they find themselves hidden in complete darkness, they begin to shout forhelp, and they have no other fear. As others cut away undergrowth to reach thechildren, the rescuers see a mummified man, Richard Digby, whose body has lainthere a century, and the men run in fright.

Even though they appear oblivious to death, Hawthorne observes that children do expressstrong emotions.

He records Julian begins to miss his mother and older sisterjust days before they arrive home. Playing togetherlike Julian and Una did before Una and Mama left, the siblings in the taleapproached the cave, but not alone as Digby did a century before. The children, like Julian, know the value of comradeship. Sometimes their insight provides salvation for theadults.

Hawthorne embraced transcendentalist thought when raising his children with Sophia. One afternoonwhile resting during a walk, Hawthorne writes that:. Iobjected that it was not half large enough; but he informed me that GiantDespair grew very small the moment he was dead. Hawthorne uses Pearl as an example ofthe child-savior belief. When this happens,the letter becomes her reward for goodness. Pearl also assists Dimmesdale as he dies. Hepublicly confesses his sin, and then he asks Pearl to kiss him. Obviously, Chillingworth recognized the power of the child, andhe too longed for eternal security before drawing his last breath.

house of seven gables thesis statements House of seven gables thesis statements
house of seven gables thesis statements House of seven gables thesis statements
house of seven gables thesis statements House of seven gables thesis statements
house of seven gables thesis statements House of seven gables thesis statements
house of seven gables thesis statements House of seven gables thesis statements
house of seven gables thesis statements House of seven gables thesis statements
house of seven gables thesis statements House of seven gables thesis statements

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