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Feel free to email or Tweet me when out sick. It will be your responsibility to ask to make up the quiz or test. If you do not have your assignments with you when it is due, it will be counted as a zero.

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An assignment handed in at the end of the day will be counted as a half credit. If you are absent the day of the assignment, it will be due the next day the class meets.

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  • AP English Language Multiple Choice Tips;

All points are simply added up, and then divided by the maximum number. Tests, quizzes and papers are worth the most. Usually, extra credit is spontaneous. Students lose participation points for every tardy. Habitual tardiness will be dealt with using discipline.

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Tardiness is defined as not being in the room when the bell rings. Sleeping applies here! If this occurs, students will lose participation points. You can not focus lying down. This is Advanced Placement; therefore, this rule should be superfluous. Furthermore, the desktop computers are a privilege not a right. Technological shenanigans will result in loss of participation grade. Repeated computer violations will result in banishment of computer privileges.

This allows usage of Google Drive for work. This allows for on-line bookmarking. This allows for class news to be transmitted and class appropriate material. Also for research. Henceforth I whimper no more, postpone no more, need nothing,.

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Done with indoor complaints, libraries, querulous criticisms,. And thow some beans in it. These words written by Jack Kerouac in On the Road inspired me to try this dish in Kansas served in a hole-in-the-wall diner in Hays, Kansas. It is a cheeseburger smothered in Texas chili.

Take about 25 minutes to write the essay.

Kerouac, though a lost soul, experienced the road with the same spirit as Walt Whitman; tragically for him, Jack Kerouac couldn't appreciate the beans and burger without the drugs. Breathe in the positive experiences of life! AP Language and Composition. Understanding Identity. Probable Readings listed but are not limited to the following :.

Activities: Summer Reading Seminars. Activities: Outlining Chapters of Thomson Reader.

Documentaries: Frontline: The Facebook Dilemma. Unit Two: Linguistic Identity. Readings: Brief History of the English Language. Readings: Essays spanning centuries about concerns over eroding of English Language. Activities: Based upon lectures and small, guided research. Unit Three: Enlightened Identity. Activities: Close-reading, small group discussion, and practice upon College Board suggested skills listed below.

Unit Four: American Identity. Unit Five: Sexual Identity.

HOW TO GET A 5: AP English Language and Composition

Readings: Susan B. Unit Six: Racial Identity. Unit Seven: Political Identity. Readings: George Orwell, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Martin Luther King Jr. Unit Eight: Intellectual Identity. Unity Nine: Personal Identity. In the context of the Revolutionary War, American's wavered as to whether it would be prudent to confront the British Empire in an armed conflict where they would be outnumbered, outgunned, and out-financed. In his speech to the Virginia Convention in , Patrick Henry lays out a compelling argument for why the American colonies needed to rise up and fight the British for independence; his speech, laced with effective usage of rhetorical devices such as anaphora, allusion, and antithesis, utilized a structure centered around a series of rhetorical questions for the sole purpose of forcing his audience to reflect upon a path which has already been chosen for them by destiny.

With the quick establishment of his ethos, Patrick Henry pays homage to the previous speakers by graciously thanking them, but then offering this caveat, "But different men often see the same subject in different lights; and, therefore, I hope it will not be thought disrespectful to those gentlemen if, entertaining as I do, opinions of a character very opposite to theirs. With a touch of hyperbole, Henry equates the choice of his fellow Virginia's between "freedom and slavery" then stating that he must speak his mind or be guilty of treason.

Through the speech riddled with rhetorical questions forcing the audience to examine their conscience, Patrick Henry often alludes to the Bible to appeal to the religious congregates present when he states Americans shouldn't be "betrayed by a kiss" and to literature for the enlightened stating that the audience should not "listen to the siren song". Here Henry continues to demonstrate his credibility ethos displaying his intellectualism--a quality prized during the Age of Enlightenment.

The speech continues with repetition of "we must fight! Finally, Patrick Henry after an pathos laden appeal to the Almighty for guidance and assistance finishes the speech with his coup de grace utilizing the rhetorical device of antithesis. His line of "give me liberty or give me death" hammers home the purpose of his rabble-rousing speech and effectively states his opinion of the needed direction for the future of America's colonies: WAR.

Search this site. AP Language and Composition Mr. Twitter messenger is also a great way to contact me: clshackleton Scope of Material: See the syllabus posted below. Academic Signing. Afoot and light-hearted I take to the open road, Healthy, free, the world before me, The long brown path before me leading wherever I choose. Henceforth I ask not good-fortune, I myself am good-fortune, Henceforth I whimper no more, postpone no more, need nothing, Done with indoor complaints, libraries, querulous criticisms, Strong and content I travel the open road.

Report abuse. Thus, the central focus is the forty-minute timed test and strategies that will help students to be successful. Students will work on analysis by answering short answer questions. Their responses should be well developed, correctly spelled, and complete. Students will also become accustomed to the basic structure of the College Board's 9 Point Rubric, as it will be used for scoring all essays in this course. Plan for two to three traditional class periods, in order to allow students ample time to complete their work.

Each lesson contains specific notes regarding work time, for teacher reference. Note that the minimum length requirement assumes FULL pages. For instance, a two to three page paper should fill at least two full pages. Any other texts are included in the test for the convenience of the students and teachers. Below is a list of resources that are not included in this course and must be acquired separately.

Shea et al. Skip to main content. English Language and Composition This is a college-level course to prepare students for the Advanced Placement Language and Composition exam by engaging in critical reading, writing, and discussion. Course Planner UNIT I: Introduction to Rhetoric - Students begin looking through the text and learning what it takes to closely read a text, examining the different parts of the rhetorical triangle, and looking at the rhetorical situation, as well as the occasion and context of a piece of writing and the way all these concepts affect a piece of writing.

Students examine various modes of writing such as narrative and cause and effect, and appeals to ethos, logos, and pathos.


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Students also master a variety of rhetorical terms, such as repetition, chiasmus, antithesis, hyperbole, and irony. Students have to read a passage quickly, annotate and understand it, and then write an essay that asks them to identify rhetorical strategies and what effect those strategies have on the message of the piece. Best practices for tackling the test are also examined. Cry the Beloved Country, Alan Paton's seminal novel about South Africa and apartheid, is a study in style, compassion, and voice.

ap language and composition essay Ap language and composition essay
ap language and composition essay Ap language and composition essay
ap language and composition essay Ap language and composition essay
ap language and composition essay Ap language and composition essay
ap language and composition essay Ap language and composition essay
ap language and composition essay Ap language and composition essay

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