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Divorce and the Effects on Children Research Papers

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Effects of Divorce on Families

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A paper noted that recently separated or divorced adults have higher resting blood pressure. A wave of new research is quantifying the damage. The economic effects are even more stark. But incomes also collapse after a gray divorce, particularly for women.

Divorce : The Divorce Rate

The researchers looked at standard of living — income adjusted for household size — reflecting the fact that a solo adult needs less income than a single parent with two children still at home. Women who spent years at home caring for children find it difficult to reenter the workforce. By retirement age, they can be in dire straits. Another study by Brown and colleagues found U.

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Even the most successful people can get thrown off balance by divorce. A paper in the Journal of Financial Economics found that both splitting up and getting married hurt the performance of hedge fund managers. Managers underperform by 4. Presumably divorces could also harm chief executive officers and the companies they run, but researchers get differing results depending on how they study the topic.

New research, relying on detailed data on companies in Denmark, found divorce only hurts performance in a statistically significant way for small firms, with fewer than 10 employees. One explanation is that, at big companies, other employees can cover for a stressed and distracted CEO.

The Cause and Effect of Divorce on Children - Words | Research Paper Example

Divorcing CEOs may even find ways to game the system. The reason for the higher pay may be to help the CEOs overwhelmingly men cover the costs of cash settlements with their spouses overwhelmingly women without selling shares.

The overall U. The reason is a generational divide: Americans in their 20s, 30s and 40s are delaying and, in some cases, skipping marriage.

The Gray Divorce Revolution: Rising Divorce among Middle-aged

Those who do get hitched are likelier to stay together. Meanwhile, baby boomers — who caused the divorce rate to surge starting in the s — are continuing to divorce at higher rates as they age. Even if the rate of gray divorce stays the same, more than , Americans will be divorcing each year by , Brown and her colleague I-Fen Lin estimate.

The best way to recover from divorce, research suggests, is to find a new spouse or partner. After a gray divorce, it takes about four years for depression to return to earlier levels, the Bowling Green study shows. But remarrying or re-partnering will end depression almost immediately.

Finding someone else can also restore your financial situation. Women have a harder time for a couple of reasons.

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divorce research papers Divorce research papers

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