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If you're a C-suite executive, you may have thought at some point about hiring an executive resume writer to help you.

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When you search for "top executive resume writers" or "executive resume writers for CEOs" and so forth, typically the same five or ten firms present themselves. They're probably all doing a combination of the following to get their executive clients full market leverage:. They offer more than just executive resumes.

Additional offerings may include other pieces of marketing collateral such as online portfolios, one-page networking resumes, addendums, cover letters or value-proposition letters and executive biographies. These firms may also offer services like LinkedIn profile design, advisory or coaching services and executive recruiter distributions, as well as do-it-yourself information on job search strategies and other C-level job transition tips.

They have clout. Many of these firms may have a combination of advanced certifications, awards and media exposure. They may specialize in helping specific executives e. And they are likely to be accessible online and work globally. To find the best executive resume writers, you need to look for more than certifications, awards, and success stories.

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In addition to premier credentials, Rosa Elizabeth Vargas and her handpicked resume writing assistant offer you triple-threat value superior design, strategy, and persuasive writing , current job-search strategies, and genuine commitment to your career success! Through our custom and flexible approach, you will find our executive resume writers to be your strategic marketing partner.

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We will help you communicate your executive value and leverage our expertise to bridge the gap. Our resume writer and coach will interview you to uncover your unique leadership brand and will develop a superior marketing campaign that differentiates you from other executives vying for the same highly-coveted job opening. Contact us about our professional executive resume writing services:.

Email: writer careersteering. Call: Rosa Elizabeth Vargas, Certified Professional Resume Writer, is one of the best executive resume writers and she creates amazing executive-level career opportunities with a comprehensive suite of first-rate executive resume writing packages to help you thrive in the modern job search landscape, with quality resumes, outplacement solutions, networking strategies, and distribution to executive search firms. I want you to know that just yesterday, a recruiter for a rather large commercial real estate investment company told me it was the best executive resume he had ever seen.

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Rosa Elizabeth Vargas is a multi-credentialed, top executive resume writer who offers more than 15 years of executive resume writing experience; a corporate background as a senior executive reporting to the CEO and COO with high achievements as a hiring authority and leadership in Human Resources. Our executive resume writing process is easy and effective. We are flexible in our approach and will guide you through the entire personal branding cycle as your personal writer and career coach.

In order for your executive resume to open doors to career-changing opportunities, it MUST engage, impress, and tell a unique career story.

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    YOU must communicate your value during an interview. Anyone can write a lackluster CV, but only expert resume writers will grab the right attention. As so many of my clients have told me, they know they are very good at what they do but acknowledge that they are not equipped to present themselves well on paper.

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    They realize that LinkedIn profile, executive bio, and executive resume writing require very specialized skills and training. To emphasize this point, many of my most appreciative clients have been marketing, sales, and business development executives who know what it takes to write effective marketing copy.

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    Ready for a career change or move up in responsibility and compensation,. Leaving government or military service and preparing to compete in the corporate world,. On the executive job market due to a recent downsizing, merger, acquisition, restructuring, or major realignment of the management team,.

    Looking to position yourself effectively for seats on advisory boards or corporate boards of directors. PROVEN SUCCESS: With over three decades of experience, I know the senior executive employment market and secrets of crafting effective executive resumes that will help position you as a top contender in an ultra-competitive 21st century executive job market. Created high-impact resume for Stuart E.

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    Transformed obituary style resume into one that client Nancy B. Equipped Tim G. They seem to think my executive resume writing has something to do with it. Read a few of their comments. A great piece of work, I really liked how you put it together. It should help tremendously in this ultra-competitive job market. Thank you. A good place to start is with a complimentary resume evaluation or needs assessment consultation.

    senior executive resume writing service Senior executive resume writing service
    senior executive resume writing service Senior executive resume writing service
    senior executive resume writing service Senior executive resume writing service
    senior executive resume writing service Senior executive resume writing service
    senior executive resume writing service Senior executive resume writing service
    senior executive resume writing service Senior executive resume writing service
    senior executive resume writing service Senior executive resume writing service

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