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An individual's personal strengths and weaknesses are life learning experiences and we all as human beings have different levels strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes a person's strengths and weaknesses may seem very difficult to discuss at times. No one ever wants to admit that they have weaknesses because they are feel ashamed or embarrassed to let others to know that their weaknesses exist.

It is best for a person to really know himself or herself in order to accurately evaluate the areas that…. Personal Strengths and Weaknesses What are my personal strengths and weaknesses? When I think about this question, the first thing that comes to mind is a job interview. I, like most people, find this simple question to be the most stressful moment of any interview. I want to give an answer that is imaginative but does not give the interviewer a bad impression of myself.

In this paper, I will describe my strengths and weaknesses as I would to a job interviewer. I will give specific examples of….

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Introduction Effective leaders need to evaluate themselves in order to uncover their points of strength and areas of weakness on a regular basis. Self-evaluation helps leaders to see how far they are from achieving goals. It also provides a guidance to plan for what needs to be improved on personal and professional aspects. There are also a number of weaknesses which need improvement. The strengths are excellent memorization skill, ability to understand computers, anger management, and physical strength. The weaknesses are organization, time management, procrastination…. My previous education qualifications also have a logistics background, as my undergraduate studies was on Logistics and Operations Management.

Further more, I 'm a strategic level CIMA student which gives me a thorough understanding of finance and management accounting too.

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Add to these qualifications are my one year 's work as a professional digital marketer — which has gained me…. This brings to to discuss personal strengths and weaknessess within myself and my everyday living. Personal strengths are areas where we tend to excel, and seem to express above average.

Strengths and weaknesses of attitude and values

Personal Weaknesses to me are areas where we would like to excel but seem to still need improvement. If I can, let me share with you my strengths and weaknesses and see how they effect my everyday being. Lets begin with my personal strengths. To me these are areas where I think I excel and…. Understanding these key issues will greatly increase your chances of becoming the 45th President of the United States, and I am here to help solidify your information in all of these necessary areas.

Through this knowledge we will create a successful campaign plan. Personal Strengths and Weaknesses: As a public speaker, you…. A person must be able to assess his or her skills, strengths, and weaknesses with the purpose of planning for the career he or she is embarking. In order to become a successful leader, self-reflection and an understanding of professional goals must be explored. This paper will explore my personal strengths and weaknesses with the intention of planning for my future career in healthcare administration and project management.

Critical Thinking…. I feel this survey is a good way to help students adjust their personal life goals and priorities Chambers,n.

How to Answer "What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses?"

This survey has taught me, I have problems with communication and dealing with social issues. This survey has shown me, that I have problems with being able to communicate and not being able to deal with social issues Chambers,n….

Trait theory and personal construct theory have markedly different approaches to the understanding of individual differences. To overcome this weakness, I always engage in other kind of activities like raisin funds to get a break out of the routine.

Essay about Personal Strengths and Weaknesses

Brown, I have a great weakness when it comes to empathy. In many situation I have found it difficult to put myself in someone else situation not matter what I want. I have realized that empathy is a long path I trend daily with no destination. I always try to be sensitive to other peoples situation and try to do the best I can to help them. Self awareness is a great virtue that guides me in my work. However self awareness has helped me to trend emotional laden topics like rape and suicide with ease.

It has helped me to grant individual freedom to make choice. I always try to do the best I can to assess a situation before I support or oppose it. In most situations I have found out that am not sure of what will happen in any situation. Social work is complex and dealing with special groups is very demanding. No one is sure of the formula to use to get the desired results. Although I am prepared for any eventualities, I always have fear of negative results.

I try to overcome this weakness by developing a positive mind that everything will go as expected. The aim of any social work is to bring a change through capacity building. This factor helps social workers to direct their energy towards areas which empower their clients to lift them from their present situation.

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To overcome this I talk with the clients on what they want and together we discuss how to go about it. Openness mindedness helps social workers to tap more knowledge from others. I have always listened to others to gain more knowledge. I always open my mind to receive more information from other people. However I have a problem towards gender equity and stereotypes that I always side with women. I have decided to attend a course of gender in order to get more insight on this issue and change my pattern of thinking on men and there relationship to women.

Lastly when everything weighs on my shoulder, I find sharing light moments with my clients as one of the most influential thing. This helps me to relax and at the same time understand them. Like in any other profession, skills are very vital for any social worker. A social worker needs different skills depending on the situation at and. Active listening is important as it helps to understand the situation and get the emotion surrounding the words. A careful scrutiny of individual in their surrounding will tell whether they are in deed saying what they mean or not.

These are two important skills that I have applied in my social work to understand my clients well.

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However I have a weakness in listening to others as I tend to get very emotional. In such situation I try my best to reserve my words as I listen to others or I talk to them later when my emotion subsides. Getting as much information about the clients one can is also important to understand them and their behavior.

In order to raise my skills I always try to attend conferences that are about social work from where I can learn diverse skills on human relations. However it is even hard to get more information from their homes especially when parents are not cooperative.

essay on strength and weaknesses of a person Essay on strength and weaknesses of a person
essay on strength and weaknesses of a person Essay on strength and weaknesses of a person
essay on strength and weaknesses of a person Essay on strength and weaknesses of a person
essay on strength and weaknesses of a person Essay on strength and weaknesses of a person
essay on strength and weaknesses of a person Essay on strength and weaknesses of a person
essay on strength and weaknesses of a person Essay on strength and weaknesses of a person
essay on strength and weaknesses of a person Essay on strength and weaknesses of a person

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