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Bryn Mawr, Columbia and the University of Pennsylvania are among the many colleges offering programs that have attracted accolades. Post-bacc programs in some schools offer students a better chance of being accepted in medical school in part because schools feel the type of coursework mandated prepares them for the rigors of medical school, which the US Department of Labor says remains the longest training period for any profession.

There are no readily available national statistics, but some publish numbers.

The Creighton University Medical Center, for example, says more than 90 percent of their enrollees have been offered acceptance to at least 45 medical schools. Among those who feel strongly about the subject is Bahar Mojgani, who took a post-bacc program at Georgetown University before entering medical school at the UCSF. Schools who house this type of program claim that it is never too late to become a doctor.

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In addition, they believe well-rounded people make great doctors. So how exactly does this program work? There is no age limit to apply; you can be straight out of college or can already be a working professional.

In the application, you must demonstrate a strong academic background and explain why you now want to pursue a career in medicine. If you are offered admissions, you can now begin your post-baccalaureate program. Different schools set up the program in different ways.

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  • A majority of these programs require you to finish in one or two years. In the program, you take basic science classes that you did not take in your college days so ultimately, you cannot go to medical school with no science courses.

    For career changers

    After you finish the program or sometimes during the program , you apply to medical school just like any other traditional student. So I know what you are thinking, what is the difference between this program and the traditional route? The only difference seems to be that you take science courses after you graduate and not during undergrad.

    First, they provide you with a lot of academic support. When a school accepts you into their program, they want to make sure that you succeed. And since each cohort is usually small, this is definitely possible.

    Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program

    There are simply way too many of them. In this post-bac program, you will be given a lot of individual attention. There will be counselors, administrators, and teachers who help you from the start to the finish. Second, medical schools seem to like students who come out of these programs. Sure, the reputation of each school differs, but generally, these programs are highly regarded. Almost every student who is part of the program at these schools get accepted into medical school.

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