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Is technology really a curse disguised as a blessing? Many believe that the convergence of biotechnology and AI might be the most consequential development of all. In the last five decades, two areas in particular have grown faster than the rest, powered by research and advances in computing power. One is artificial intelligence, or AI; the other is biotechnology.

Huge benefits have emerged from each of them for human beings in general, such as self-driving cars — which will dramatically reduce the death rate from road accidents — and robotic surgery, which enables precise, highly efficient and targeted surgical interventions. Yet, visionaries like Yuval Noah Harari, author of the best-selling Homo sapiens and Deus , are now warning that the convergence of biotechnology and AI will irreversibly and unpredictably change both the quality of human life and its challenges in the next few decades.

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A good example of this is the facial recognition technology that is now present in all photo management programs. The AI in the software is capable of not only spotting the faces in every photograph but also recognising the person by name. This technology has now expanded so that photo apps can recognise cats, dogs, beaches, mountains and cars too. Computers with AI are already correctly identifying human emotions through observing facial expressions and body movements. Some robots are able to mimic human emotions.

This is called affective computing, sometimes called artificial emotional intelligence, and refers to the study and development of systems and devices that can recognize, interpret, process, and simulate human affects. The ability to read human emotions is just a step away from predicting human emotions. For example, if a computer attached to a video camera could identify which products a consumer is showing greater interest in or which ones he is really keen to buy, various tactics could be used to influence her to buy it.

Activists worry that computers that can understand and anticipate human wishes and desires by scanning their irises and analysing their micro-expressions could also be programmed to exploit and manipulate them.

Another very real fear is that humanoid computers with human-like skin, speech, and expressions could jeopardise and dehumanise relationship and create emotional vacuums. An enduring fear of Luddites has always been that computers will rob humans of their livelihood by taking their jobs and doing them more efficiently at lower cost.

However, in reality the exact opposite has happened. As computerised machines began taking over mechanical and repetitive human activities, new jobs for people opened up that needs thinking and analytical skills and judgement, or human interpersonal skills.

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A good example is the worldwide proliferation of call centres. When drones were invented many feared that pilots would soon be redundant. However, few people know that it takes almost 30 people to fly one military drone, and an additional 50 people to analyze and make sense of the data being streamed back by the drone. The US army suffers from a serious shortage of trained, high quality drone pilots; anyone who masters this skill will have a job. But a social scientist warns that in 10 years, it is certain that computers will be flying that drone and humans will be redundant.

Equally sure is that some brand new skill requirement will have opened up with advancing technology, calling for new talents. In the 20th century, a young man was supposed to choose a skill, vocation or profession, master it through education and practice, and then earn a living from it till he or she retired. However, the fast-changing nature of technology is making skills obsolete at a higher rate than ever before.

Technology: Good Or Bad

To survive, tomorrow young man must keep re-inventing himself and updating his skills continuously. Life could be difficult if every new skill has a shelf life of only a decade or so. Or perhaps one could look at it the other way — and say that changing technology will keep human beings on their toes throughout their life.

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Technology is the result of human inventiveness. It reflects our evolutionary heritage. We are neither strong like gorillas or tigers, nor fast like cheetahs and hawks, but our brains and thinking powers have given us the greatest edge of any species on the planet. Technology is a result. Technology is either inherently good or bad; it is how we use it that makes it so.

The splitting of a hydrogen atom is technology at work. As history has shown us, technology can equally be used to make a nuclear bomb that kills millions — or generate electricity that lights up a million homes. Science , Technology. Join more than 50, subscribers receiving regular updates!

Essay on Technology - Advantages and Disadvantages ( Words Essay)

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In this essay on technology, we are going to discuss what technology is, what are its uses, and also what technology can do? First of all, technology refers to the use of technical and scientific knowledge to create, monitor, and design machinery. Also, technology helps in making other goods that aid mankind. Experts are debating on this topic for years.

Over the years technological advancement has caused a severe rise in pollution. Also, pollution has become a major cause of many health issues. Besides, it has cut off people from society rather than connecting them.

Above all, it has taken away many jobs from the workers class. As they are completely different fields but they are interdependent on each other. Also, it is due to science contribution we can create new innovation and build new technological tools. Apart from that, the research conducted in laboratories contributes a lot to the development of technologies. On the other hand, technology extends the agenda of science.

Regularly evolving technology has become an important part of our lives. Also, newer technologies are taking the market by storm and the people are getting used to them in no time. Above all, technological advancement has led to the growth and development of nations. Although technology is a good thing, everything has two sides.

Technology also has two sides one is good and the other is bad.

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Here are some negative aspects of technology that we are going to discuss. Get the huge list of more than Essay Topics and Ideas. With new technology the industrialization increases which give birth to many pollutions like air, water, soil, and noise. Also, they cause many health-related issues in animals, birds, and human beings.

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essay technology good or bad Essay technology good or bad
essay technology good or bad Essay technology good or bad
essay technology good or bad Essay technology good or bad
essay technology good or bad Essay technology good or bad
essay technology good or bad Essay technology good or bad
essay technology good or bad Essay technology good or bad

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