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Believe it or not, the idea of writing that poem was inspired by Ms. Muir and her love of poetry.

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Muir was an awesome teacher who motivated me. I really admire Ms. Muir and she inspires me. Wow raquel, you really said nice things about your mom,If other people read this ,they can truly realize how much you love her. The person who inspire me,well the person who inspires me is My DAD!! Why I would like my dad more than my mom.. Another reason why cares about me is because he encourage me on every thing.

Bike riding is just one example,another example would be when I might not get out of on my test and I will feel sad,he will say good job maitri, anyways and he will say try your best next time. Well thats wrong…not the part that I said I like her…cause I still do but the part that I said wrong was when I said or I ment to say that my dad gets mad at me because sometimes he gets mad at me for good reasons.

For example when I forget to put my dsi in the wrong place,he gets mad at me but I still know that he gets mad at me for a reason that I might loose it. Here is a little funny story: One day I wanted to go shopping with my dad and not my mom so I asked my dad if he can come with me but he as so lazy that he said go with mom.

But the bad part about that was when I said that,she was right behind me and she heared everything.

Guess who got in big trouble? Someone I admire is my Daddy. The most important reason of why I admire him is because he loves me and he is my Daddy. He inspired me to play guitar snowboard and some other stuff. He is always there for me no matter what. He supports me allot especially with guitar. Let me introduce the person I admire the most! He would have to be my cousin Nash He is turning 30 this year.

The reason I admire him is because he is really nice and he talks to me when I have problems. He loves comic books and sports especially hockey and movies. He takes me to movies and he even takes me to mini golf, he is lots of fun. He inspires me to try different kinds of sports like squash. This one time when I was struggling with my squash moves he guided me with a lot of tolerance. He has a lot of videogames and he lets me play them and he has a brother who is a fashion designer and he is fun too. Nash has a vast collection of comic books and he lets me read them when I visit him.

The other reason why we really get along well is because we love food! We both love Italian and Mexican food and he even tries cooking them! We both like to have fun in any way we can. Nash works hard all week long but is always ready to talk and help me when I need him. He is funny and is always cracking jokes.

He is fun to be with and is kind of like my guide and friend. When I grow up I would like to be like him. Who Inspires me???????????????!!!!!!!!!!?????????? My Daddy, who I love very much and who loves me back….

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If the leaves me I feel empty and then he comes back Im once again happy! My Daddy has always been there for me when Im scared or sad and if hes not there with me he gives me a phone call that cheers me up so Im glad I have a Dad.

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He helps me learn math… takes me on special trips and hes always there for me! He is the best.

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The person I admire is my grampa. The reason why I admire my grampa is because he always in a good mood. He loves everybody and he would never hold a gruch. The person I admire is the singer Weird Al Yankovic because he speaks his mind and he makes fun of songs such as beat it and I am bad. They are some of the funniest things I have ever herd and I look up to him because he writes parodies It means to rewrite a song and he not afraid to use his VOICE!!!!

He makes me laugh so hard! I love his song white and nerdy. My dad takes me everywhere he goes. My dad is very good at every thing he does. I admire the way he dresses. I also admire the way he deals with his problems. My dad takes me to soccer and stuff like that.

My dad wants me to know every thing he knows and even more. Every one in my family look up to him. My dad is always there fore me when I get hurt, fell sad, happy he shows me the way out. He always gives good advice. I will always love my dad he is a goog insaration. We successfully deal with any challenges you may ask us to help with, and there are various services we provide to our students. On our site, homework help implies more than simply writing a paper from scratch.

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write an essay about a person you admire Write an essay about a person you admire
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write an essay about a person you admire Write an essay about a person you admire
write an essay about a person you admire Write an essay about a person you admire
write an essay about a person you admire Write an essay about a person you admire
write an essay about a person you admire Write an essay about a person you admire

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