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Exploring the economic benefits of work life balance Does achieving work life balance hasten or slow down aging? What is the employee perception of work life balance? Is work life balance a personal decision or can it be imposed by the employer? Are employees who have achieved work life balance more productive than those who have not?

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A dissertation review: “Work-Life Balance of Women Leaders in ATS” by Kelly Campbell

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This assessment allowed the researcher to gauge subject satisfaction with different facets of life, to check their current time investment in each life area, to see their values, and to explore what the participants perceived they needed to do in order create more overall life satisfaction. At UFCU, the survey was launched to groups of people who had been through their Life Mapping course eighty five in total , rather than to all staff.

This audience was perceived as having interest in the topic of work-life balance, having attended classes on the topics. A senior human resources professional in each company sent an introductory e-mail explaining the purpose of the study, how it was important to the company, that the company wanted to support staff in work-life balance, and included logistical information on timing and future steps. The intent was to have a black and white cut-off point for successful work-life integration: Primary subjects who self-scored with scores of over sixty percent on seventy percent of the eight dimensions qualified to move to the second and third round of data collection.

A total of thirty-seven people qualified to go to the next round of research as part of level two focus groups. This same pool formed the basis for the individual interviews later in the process. More rich data flowed into this section than the researcher anticipated. Appendix A includes the Wheel of Life assessment tool, as well as the participant consent form.

Step two involved working more in depth with focus groups to gather definitions, broad patterns of behavior and outcomes in response to a few strategic questions. The researcher also used meetings as an opportunity to observe group members to gauge their general weight-appropriateness range, skin pallor, energy levels, etc, in order to superficially assess their health visually.

The focus groups and later individual interviews were conducted in company head offices, in private meeting rooms, during normal working hours.

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To assure multiple stakeholder perspectives, employees with diverse demographic characteristics, job roles, etc, were chosen to be part of the focus groups, a total of five focus groups were facilitated for both companies — two at CORE Health and three at UFCU. Of these, sixteen percent were males and eighty-four percent females. The combined modal tenure was two to five years, with one staff member at UFCU for thirty-eight and a half years.

More detailed demographics are included in Appendix B. Each focus group lasted from 45 minutes to one hour and fifteen minutes. The same process and questions were used in each group for consistency of data collection. The meeting agenda, group process, and strategic questions were on display on flipcharts throughout the meeting.

Work life balance of female employees literature review

Each focus group was conducted around a large conference-type table so that people could see each other. These focus groups were completed from April 14 to May 1, The following steps were used: 1. Welcome and thanks, purpose of the meeting, what the researcher was studying and why, reasons they were chosen i. A review of confidentiality and how the data would be used anonymously was also provided. A practical definition of work-life balance within which to frame their answers to the strategic questions of the focus group was given: Work-life- family balance is a self-defined state of well-being.

Asking two strategic questions, one at a time, and allowing 30 minutes to answer each one: a. After each question, subjects were instructed to silently write one idea per post- it note in answer to the question. No group talking was allowed. Ten minutes were allowed for this section. Once the writing slowed, the researcher checked if participants were finished with their writing phase, and then moved to the next section of the meeting once that post-it note task was completed. The next steps were conducted in a twenty to forty minute segment.

Some groups took more time than others. The group was given time to individually read their post-its to each other. After this, the rest of the group was allowed to ask clarifying questions to understand the points being made. This started off an affinity analysis, which is a Total Quality Management improvement process to allow groups to categorize ideas into clusters. This researcher did not interfere with their process, except to check on meaning or context, and to ensure that they categorized similar topics in the same bucket.

The group was asked to rate the most important categories and then rank them. Once the group made their point, the researcher asked if the above statement reflected their belief and experience around the categories of behaviors and how they are used.

balance dissertation life work Balance dissertation life work
balance dissertation life work Balance dissertation life work
balance dissertation life work Balance dissertation life work
balance dissertation life work Balance dissertation life work
balance dissertation life work Balance dissertation life work
balance dissertation life work Balance dissertation life work

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